Sustainability and Smart Building Technology for the Built World


earn money, reduce carbon

Our suite of cutting-edge technology unlocks robust energy and IoT data inside your building, and uses it to prescribe and create continuous savings and sustainability achievements. We deliver real, measurable value:


Reduction in Utilities Costs


Reduction in Energy Use


Energy Supply Cost Risk


Leading Building Operators Are Achieving Sustainability Goals and Growing NOI with Logical Buildings:

With Logical Buildings you will: 

Earn Energy Revenue and Reduce Energy and Water Costs

Our proprietary technology enables all clients to operate buildings with a data-driven approach that creates outsized reductions in utilities costs. By unlocking energy and iOT data inside your building, we empower and reward the team on the ground to operate the buildings more efficiently.

Manage Energy Cost Risk and Guide/Track Sustainability Goals

We’ve developed a suite of cutting-edge, transparent, analytical tools to procure electricity and natural gas via reverse auction (including renewables). For each client, we establish a strategic plan and track performance for energy and carbon savings, sustainability and resiliency goals. 

Enhance Building Fleet Health and Reduce Carbon Emissions 

Our team of building engineers identifies and deploys the right IoT devices for each building to monitor building health, control and run fault detection diagnostics on major equipment, energy systems and physical spaces.  


Our Platform Serves All Asset Classes 








Grow from Individual, Grid Interactive Energy Efficient Buildings (“GEBS”) to Entire Portfolio Strategies 


Logical Buildings strives to offer high-touch and high-impact service for our customers and is able to do so through collaboration with a network of policy leaders and influences 


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