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We’ve created the solutions you need to achieve your sustainability goals and generate NOI


SmartKit AI™

AI Driven, Smart Building Management Technology

By leveraging secure cloud integrations with utility smart meters, building controls and IoT networks, our AI driven software creates new, deep layers of energy savings and revenue, rewarding building operators for managing their energy, water and carbon usage and cost risk more efficiently while increasing building health and sustainability


EPAX™ – Energy Procurement, Advisory and Execution

Guide/Track portfolio sustainability goals and manage energy cost risk

EPAX transforms the manner in which building owners and operators optimize commodity risk exposure, utility spend budgeting, procurement decisions and purchase execution strategies. Live, technology-enabled blind auctions disrupt traditional commodity purchase processes producing significantly better covenants and reduced commodity costs



AI Driven Personalized Energy Monetization App that tells you when and how to cut your energy usage to earn money from the utility

It’s easy:

1. We send you alerts when it’s time to reduce your energy usage

2. You take an action right from the app

3. We send you a check! cha-ching

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